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Nova Line Products - Distributors and Resellers

Qualified distributors and printing industry members are welcome! We offer trade discounts to qualified companies - call us or send an email for more information and get access to our Trade Customer section !

In addition to trade discounts on all products, we offer liberal volume discounts to qualified printing industry firms and distributors.

Fast shipping turnarounds, drop ships to your customer, online order entry and tracking all make Nova Line a great option for resellers and distributors.

Offer your customers any of our line of promotional products :

  • Lil Sticker Stick-Up Calendars
  • Magnet-Backed Business Card Calendars
  • Real Estate Magentic Calendars
  • Scenic Business Card Calendars
  • Business Card Magnets
Easily personalized promotional items will keep your customers' names in front of their customers for a full year. Many of our products can be mailed as is for the cost of first-class postage!